How can i make sure my office move is as efficient as possible?

Here are seven fundamental office relocation tips to help increase the chances of a quick and efficient move. Plan your office relocation ahead of time. When it comes to office relocation, focus on action-oriented objectives. Be specific about what you want to achieve during your move and, whenever possible, incorporate it into general business goals.

This will help place a relocation in the larger context of your business success. For example, if one of your company's goals is to improve customer service, your relocation strategy should reflect this. The creation of the new customer service department would be a priority in the move. If improving your company's image is on the agenda, a related goal might be to complete a brand design before moving.

Consult with all departments to assess your needs. Then, set departmental moving goals accordingly. When planning an office move, be sure to communicate your plan from the start with enthusiasm and honesty regarding potential challenges. Your employees will appreciate your transparency and the time you have given them to process the change.

If you're moving an office in the near future, you'll want to minimize any interruption for your employees and customers. Here are 10 tips to do it right. Moving companies that offer office relocations also tend to be more flexible with dates and times, and will do their best to move your office, for example, on weekends, so that your company's operations are not interrupted. An office move is the perfect time to offer your employees a space they love, which will likely increase your company's performance in the process.

The number of people you can dedicate to office relocation activities will depend on the size of your team and the extent of your move. Reserve a commercial storage unit near your new office if you don't have space for things like old files, holiday decorations, and office furniture that you don't need now, but could use in the future. These include researching, researching, and finding a moving company with experience in office relocations and working with them on the details of your unique move based on your needs and your budget. Planning an office move can start as soon as a year before the moving date, but typically six months is when you start looking for relocation services and start planning the logistics of a business move.

Your office relocation schedule should include key milestones, including when each floor and apartment should be packed and ready to move in. You can make the entire moving process easier by taking care of items like plants and office supplies in bulk on your own, especially if you can set them up in their new locations before you officially move in. Ask for the keys and, if you use them, the employee access cards for your new office in advance so that they are ready to be handed over before the old office closes for good. You don't need to be fully prepared yet and it doesn't have to be anything important, even a celebratory lunch at noon for the first week after the move will show your staff how much they appreciate your help and appreciate the interesting things in the new office.

Even with the most detailed plan, moving to a new office is a stressful process and will affect your employees. To mitigate distracting responses that could harm your business, be sure to maintain a sense of honesty about the challenges your office might face during the move. One of the biggest complications inherent in moving to a new office space is disconnecting and reconnecting all technology.

Office moving services differ from

residential ones, and you'll have a very different moving experience if you hire an office moving company with experience in commercial moving.

Sodexo leaders organized meetings with employees to explain that, although they would no longer have their own dedicated desks, they would gain much more, such as more natural light, the ability to sit or stand throughout the day, and the ability to collaborate more easily with their co-workers by moving around the office as needed. .

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