What is the most popular moving day?

And it's obvious why Fridays are the most popular. If you move on Fridays, you'll have the weekend to unpack your bags and get to work without too many interruptions in the middle of the week and without having to cover your vacation assignment. Of the 95,000 UK moving companies that used Compare My Move last year, nearly 34% decided to move to a new home on a Friday. Moving home on a Friday is by far the most popular day, followed by Saturday in second place, with 17% of users choosing to move that day.

Still, many of these moves are likely to end on Friday and move on Saturday. If we consider the most popular month and days to move in, this means that 60,000 owners move in the month of August alone and 154,000 owners move on Fridays throughout the year. The advantage of moving earlier in the week means that your lawyer, bank manager, or moving company will be there the next day to resolve any outstanding issues. Monday is the second most popular day of the week to move.

It's usually because any delay on Friday has delayed the process until next week. The advantage of moving on a Monday is that you have the whole weekend to organize your bags and have everything ready before the big day. Sunday is the cheapest day to move house, followed by Wednesday and Saturday. Tuesday is the most expensive day to move house.

If you choose your moving date primarily for financial reasons, Sunday is the best day to move out of your house. Book your moving company in advance and compare some moving companies to make sure you get the best possible price for your moving expenses. Nearly 6,000 homeowners are expected to move in on Friday, August 26th, resulting in the busiest moving day of the year, according to Homeowners Alliance and reallymoving. Wednesday is the favorite day for people in Northern Ireland to move home, and central Londoners prefer to move on a Saturday.

The Homeowners Alliance has conducted its own studies on moving days and has found that 115,000 moves are delayed every year, usually because of problems with the settlement of funds or because sellers move out of their homes too late. We analyzed data from more than 95,000 house moves over the past year and found that around 34% of Compare My Move UK users preferred to move on a Friday, with Sunday being the least crowded day to move, with just over 2%. The most popular day of this year, Friday, August 25, 1.08 percent of all moves are expected to take place on that day, representing approximately 5,500 moves. If you move house on a Wednesday or Saturday, you'll pay less than Friday, the UK's favorite moving day.

Among all the decisions involved in moving to a new house, you also have to decide what day you are going to move house. Just enter a few quick details of your move, including your preferred moving day, and contact up to 6 professional moving companies to find the best moving quote. So, here we look at what day most people move out of their homes, if that's the best day to move, and what days are the best to move house in the UK. Suggest a mid-week move to all members of your contact chain, pointing out the potential downsides of choosing to move on a busy day like Friday.

If we consider the most popular month and days to move in, this means that 61,000 owners will move in the month of August alone and 145,000 owners will move on Fridays throughout the year. We've analysed the more than 95,000 house removals organized through Compare My Move over the past year to discover Britain's favorite day to move house in every region. If you have to move on a Friday, ask your transfer agent to ask your lender for the mortgage money the day before it ends so you can transfer it first thing on the day of the move.

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